Set up in 2017 by producer, mixing engineer and songwriter Peter Waterman, Longcroft was originally designed as a mobile recording service, allowing artists and musicians to achieve studio quality results in any location they desired. Already on its 3rd component upgrade due to early success, the studio comprises of a unique and carefully selected number of microphones, preamps, compressors and interfaces which combine to best counter the clinical nature of digital recording. To put it simply, Longcroft is a modern studio built on the foundations of classic tone.

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Microphone choice and placement is the most important part of any recording process and such an art is built on years of recording experience. Excessively bright and clear vintage condenser microphones, or indeed affordable replicas which are so common place within the microphone market today, are no longer being coloured or warmed up by the classic recording processes of yesteryear. Without running tracks onto multiple tape machines through a large format console, as well as sending audio to multiple outboard pieces and back again, it is nearly impossible to recreate the classic tones of the past. This is where Longcroft is different. By very carefully selecting microphones for their sonic footprint, including the frequency response of a capsule or the colour imparted by a transformer, the studio is going against the norm to help create and capture vintage and warm tones which best suit this digital age.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



With over 15 years of recording and music industry experience working with record companies and independent artists alike, Peter has found great success with a plethora of official releases under his belt, a tonne of 5-star reviews, plays all over BBC radio outlets, millions of digital streams and tens of thousands of album sales since his freelance jump in 2013. He has successfully engineered and produced records across Europe in some of the biggest residential recording studios in the world. Mentored by Jack Joseph Puig at a young age and having recently graduated with a Master’s degree from the London College of Music, Peter is known for his organic, unique and exciting recording philosophy, combining the most important recording methods of yesteryear within this modern digital era in order to celebrate the art form of capturing musical performance.

"Peter Waterman is, we feel, going to be a name that we are going to come across regularly as he makes his mark in the world of record producing"


Penny Black Music on Hattie Briggs Red & Gold, 2015